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2020 IS HERE!

HAGEY TOURS is ready to take you away! The Multi-Day Tours brochure lists many faraway places: South Dakota, Michigan, Branson, Eureka Springs, Nashville and Ocean City! The One Day Getaways brochure is presented geographically: New York City, Lancaster, Washington D.C., Poconos,... Our next set of PURPLE brochures are out in February. Watch the mail!


Sunfest Date Changed

Ocean City, Maryland puts on a heck of a good beach party! The Fall bash is

SUNFEST, and in 2020, the date is changing from mid-September to Saturday, October 3. This tour nearly always sells out so, if you hear the waves of the ocean already, check it out here and come along!



Riviera Holiday  Groves of Citrus Trees lead the way providing the sun-drenched landscapes of France and Italy. Breathe in fragrant waves of lavender with purple and white spiked salvia, specimen succulents and an intoxicating variety of scented geraniums, roses, rosemary and sage create a stunning mosaic. For tour dates, click here.


PINK = Love

Once Mother Nature puts away her Winter Whites, she always gets out her favorite PINK outfit, the CHERRY BLOSSOMS. She particularly loves the Cherry Blossoms in our nation's capital because they came to our country as a gift from Tokyo in 1912. Giving = Love. Look here.


Warmth of the South

Two of the South's oldest cities, Charleston & Savannah, exude charm, history, intrigue and deeeeelicious food. Join us as we tour South Carolina's Holy City, Charleston, known for its countless church steeples. We tour a plantation, a tea plantation, take a dolphin cruise and explore the interesting Prohibition Museum in Savannah. Great American cities with fun and fascinating things to do. Check it out here.


Join the Revolution

If it has been your heart's desire to see the megahit, HAMILTON,  2020 might be the time for your heart to sing. Wednesday, May 27, is available. There are special parameters: the tours are Instant Purchase, no Small Group Discounts are available and no one under the age of 13 can attend. If you're looking for a special show, check it out here.


Sight & Sound Theatre's New Show: QUEEN ESTHER

Set in the opulent yet perilous Persian Empire, QUEEN ESTHER is a captivating tale of beauty and bravery. Esther’s ordinary life changed forever when she was taken through the palace doors, entering a new world of royalty and risk. Sounds fabulous! Join us this year on these dates.


South Dakota Dreamin'

It might not be the Mamas and Papas song but, there's alot of people dreaming of the vast open spaces of South Dakota. Join us in 2020 for the 12-day tour across America to the land where rolling prairies meet the beautiful Badlands. Check it out here.



Got 10 Friends?

Get 5% Off

Consider our Small Group Discount5% discount off your entire reservation when you have between 10-25 people, and we work with one person for the entire group. To receive the Discount, you must call our office to make your arrangements: 800-544-2439


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Want to Charter Your Own Hagey Coach?

Our Charter Sales Department has the experience to help you with trip planning across town or across country. Our Coaches are immaculately clean and well-maintained. Each Coach is equipped with the latest technologies, air conditioning, restrooms, DVD players, large luggage bays and individually reclining seats. Our Drivers are trained professionals concerned about serving your group with safety and care. We require our Drivers to attend safety and service enhancements meetings on a regular basis. For further information on giving your Group the best time possible, click HERE.



$25  --  $50  --  $100

3 Easy Ways to Buy:

Online - Select Gift Cards tab, use your credit card, and watch for it in the mail. For every $200 or more online Gift Card purchase, you receive a free gift.

Phone - Call our office at 800-544-2439, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

In Person - At our Tour Office in Franconia Township, 210 Schoolhouse Road, Souderton. If you come to our office for a $100 or more Gift Card purchase, you receive a free gift.


Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  ~~  Closed Weekends and major Holidays


Hagey Tours of Souderton

Hagey Tours is a family owned motorcoach tour operator based in Franconia Township, Souderton, Pennsylvania, USA We have a rich heritage of serving people going back to the 1930s. We operate over 350 retail tours annually to a wide range of destinations suiting all tastes.

Our company prides itself on welcoming service while travelling in the best maintained equipment driven by our friendly, professional Drivers. Take notice to our slick white coaches imprinted with our famous purple and pink swirls! Enjoy browsing, and we hope to meet you on one of our coaches in the very near future.

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A New Day Away

From Broadway to the Hudson Valley to the Jersey Shore, join us for a new and exciting Day Trip!

Grey Towers & Historic Milford

Departure Date: 4/23/2020

American Revolution Museum & City Tavern

3 departure(s) between 4/2/2020 and 11/12/2020

River Lady & Atlantic City - New Jersey

Departure Date: 8/5/2020

Hillwood Estate & Gardens - Washington DC

2 departure(s) between 4/16/2020 and 10/14/2020

AINT TOO PROUD - on Broadway, New York City

5 departure(s) between 3/21/2020 and 10/14/2020

Lake Tobias Wildlife Safari

3 departure(s) between 6/25/2020 and 9/17/2020

Mike Byrnes Happy Days

Departure Date: 6/11/2020


5 departure(s) between 3/28/2020 and 7/8/2020

New Multi-Days for 2020

From 2-7 Days, try out these new Multi-Day Tours.

Canadian Maritime Magic

Duration: 11 Days
Departure Date: 7/22/2020

Kentucky's Best: Horses & Bourbon

Duration: 5 Days
Departure Date: 10/26/2020

Lighthouses of the Mid-Atlantic

Duration: 4 Days
Departure Date: 4/26/2020

Purple Moose Tour

Duration: 4 Days
Departure Date: 6/17/2020

Sip, Sip, Hooray!

Duration: 2 Days
Departure Date: 8/16/2020

Tanglewood on Parade

Duration: 3 Days
Departure Date: 7/27/2020

What's Playing at Hagey?

An easy ride away, we have the joy of THE best theater on the planet on Broadway. Check it out!

ALADDIN on Broadway

2 departure(s) between 6/17/2020 and 8/8/2020

BOOK OF MORMON on Broadway

4 departure(s) between 4/4/2020 and 11/15/2020

JERSEY BOYS - Off Broadway

2 departure(s) between 4/4/2020 and 5/10/2020


4 departure(s) between 3/21/2020 and 10/24/2020

LION KING on Broadway

3 departure(s) between 3/21/2020 and 6/17/2020

WICKED on Broadway

6 departure(s) between 3/28/2020 and 11/7/2020

New York City

27 departure(s) between 2/15/2020 and 12/26/2020

COME FROM AWAY - on Broadway

7 departure(s) between 3/28/2020 and 11/15/2020


4 departure(s) between 3/21/2020 and 10/3/2020

FROZEN on Broadway

4 departure(s) between 3/21/2020 and 8/8/2020

MEAN GIRLS - on Broadway

3 departure(s) between 4/19/2020 and 8/8/2020


5 departure(s) between 3/28/2020 and 7/8/2020

AINT TOO PROUD - on Broadway, New York City

5 departure(s) between 3/21/2020 and 10/14/2020

Hit a Home Run!


New York Mets - Citi Field, NY

Departure Date: 8/16/2020

New York Yankees - Yankees Stadium, NY

3 departure(s) between 5/8/2020 and 8/9/2020

Philadelphia Phillies - Citizens Bank Park, PA

4 departure(s) between 5/17/2020 and 7/23/2020
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