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Our History


In the early 1920s, Clarence G. Hagey left the family farm in Franconia Township to seek new employment. He was the last of eleven children, and there was not enough work for all of his brothers and sisters. Clarence had a keen interest in automobiles, trucks and busses of those days. He obtained a mechanics job at Norman Bergey Garage in the village of Franconia. At the same time, he drove charter coaches part-time for Harvey Ziegler of Souderton.

As the surrounding area grew, some of the one-room schools in Franconia Township became overcrowded. The local township School Board needed a school bus contractor to bus their students to one-room schools and to the Souderton High School. In 1936, Clarence signed his first contract with the Franconia Township School Board. In 2016, it was eighty years of school bus transportation for the Hagey Family.

Then, Clarence began operating several line run routes from the Skippack and Vernfield area to factories in Souderton and Telford. After the Second World War, the automobile became more popular and the route service ended in the late 1940s.

Clarence was also interested in the motorcoach charter business, and in 1936 he obtained operating rights to operate charter buses in Pennsylvania and to neighboring states. He called the business Hagey's Bus Service. During World War II, motorcoaches were not available because of the war effort. Most small operators used school buses during that time for charter service. Clarence bought a transit style school bus, and installed coach type seats to use at the end of the war.

In 1946, he purchased his first charter motorcoach, a Wayne Army Bus. As the business grew, he added several more coaches.

Clarence was assisted in the motorcoach business by his oldest son, Gerald. In 1953, Gerald purchased the motorcoach business from his father. Then in 1971, Gerald purchased Indian Valley Tours and renamed the company Hagey Tours Inc. The Gerald Hagey Family operated Hagey's Bus Service and Hagey Tours until 1995 during which time the business showed good growth.

After Clarence sold the motorcoach business, his youngest son, Donald S. Hagey, assisted him in operating the school bus business. In 1970, Clarence wished to retire and sold the school bus business to Don and his wife, Linda. The name was changed to Transportation Services Inc (TSI). After 84 years, TSI is still the sole contract carrier for the Souderton School District. The company operates school buses in the five-county Philadelphia area.

In 1995 Don and Linda acknowledged an interest in purchasing the motorcoach tour business from the Gerald Hagey Family. On Valentine's Day, Hagey Coach & Tours joined TSI at the terminal on Schoolhouse Road in Franconia Township. In 2016, the Hagey Family celebrated 80 years of school bus, motorcoach and tour operations. In October 2017, Don Hagey passed away, and the motorcoach and school bus businesses continues under the guidance of Linda Hagey, President.


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